The Varisien

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The Varisien

Post by The Historian on Tue Dec 05, 2017 9:14 pm

The first varisien was Usember, the eldest of the Havidian but not the first to bestow gifts upon humans that reflected his own. The very first varisien were born during the War of Brothers over a thousand years ago, in answer to Vidu's creation of the feorion. Since then, they have evolved and become a class unto their own.

Primitive shapeshifters could only transition on sight, working with what they saw and so it was fairly easy to spot them as they often misread appearance traits. Since then there have been countless studies improving the art of transitioning and it has become mandatory education for all young shapeshifters.

To classify as a varisien, a person must at least be able to mutate their outer appearance without any form of schooling, whether deliberately or out of own control. Unlike sirens, shapeshifters each have a personal appearance called a rudiment, that is their own natural appearance they can fall back on without having to uphold magical energy. Remaining in a sate of transition costs a varisien a lot of energy and they are not a race of endurance.

Though the shapeshifting is mostly based on outer appearance, when taking on another form they must learn to use that body from scratch; four-legged muscles, for example, work in a completely different way to the two-legged human species and it takes time and skill to master. These are skills they receive training in. Water creatures are avoided by most, as using the technique of breathing under water for a long period of time is one of the most difficult disciplines. Winged creatures, too, are difficult to master.

The varisien have no shared appearance traits. Their loose family ties and almost non-existent traditions and community have made sure that they come from all over the kingdom and they are an incredible diverse species with no standard personality traits. The varisien are not restricted to a human rudimental form; there are animal-bases rudiment forms that can take on the form of humans as well. There are a number of subclasses within, the most common listed below.

1) Polymorphs have a human rudimental form, but have the ability to take on any (living) form they choose. They are the least in number within the varisien, but also tend to be the most well-known. It takes them no less energy than the rest of their kind to transition, and because they are so versatile, they also tire easily.

2) Gerinthropes are only capable of human-human transformations. The art itself requires a lot less schooling than therianthropes, as there is no need to learn to work with a different anatomy, but mistakes are often made as they base their transitions, like the primitive shapeshifters, on sight only. This means that body marks and features hidden under clothing are undetectable to them, and that is often the way they are discovered. Gerinthropes generally have the best stamina of all the subclasses of varisiens.

3) Therianthropes cannot make the shift between different human forms, they are restricted only to human-animal. There are two subdivisions of therianthropes:
A - menziers can do human-animal transformations. The most common varisien class. Though menziers can in theory take on any form of the animal kingdom, every one has a personal talent for a specific species, and cannot handle some species at all.
B - drengonians can do animal-human transformations. They are the easiest to spot, though it is hard to say how common they are within the animal kingdom/ Drengonians that take on human forms have difficulty mastering the art of speech and, like other varisien, keep their rudimental characteristics when in transitions. In this case, feral.

Lycanthropes cannot control their own transition. Triggers differ from person to person: some morph through a feeling or an emotion, others rely on a certain time of day, month or year. Medicines have long since been concocted to halt the transition, though for most it is a painful experience as the body is in constant battle with the substance, and the lycanthrope has no control over the energy within their body.

Social Structure
Because of the wide variety of subclasses, the varisien people are an independent race with most leading solitary lives, forming only a couple of close bonds in their lifetimes which are usually their partner or simply the siblings. There are varisien societies dotted across the kingdom, the largest of these being situated in the northern province of Izyn. Centuries worth of tradition have the Forsyth family flagged as the leaders of the species. The varisien have no laws of their own, and answer to the feorion justice system.

A few of the professions with near-varisien monoply are couriers, biologists, explorers and spies, which come naturally to most because of their ability to travel and camouflage themselves.

The varisien cannot inflict magical damage. They fight with physical weapons when in human form, but mostly use their ability to transition when in a fight, using animals' various defence and offence mechanisms to tehri advantage, As a species they don't generally band together and fight, choosing instead the side they deem ebst for their personals elves and lives.

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