The War of Brothers

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The War of Brothers

Post by The Historian on Thu Dec 07, 2017 11:13 pm

The War of Brothers (703 – 746)

When the Havidian entered into the world, some had less problems blending in than others. Elthia became adored for her healing prowess, and Rachut was respected for his warrior skills. Usember’s shapeshifting talents were less accepted, but whenever his doings aroused trouble and suspicion, he simply discarded the form he had been entertaining and took on a new identity.

Vidu, however, struggled to keep a low profile and his talents of a more traditional magic had a way of becoming known no matter how hard he tried to hide them. Coupled with his pugnacious personality and jealousy of his siblings’ succes, he was feared and loathed, and was often forced to fend off mercenaries attempting to take his life. He was lonely, and wished bitterly for the company of those like himself. He searched long and hard for those possessing similar talents, but he was thinly rewarded. He became so desperate to be understood that he spent years in seclusion figuring out how to bestow magic on those who did not have it. He succeeded in creating a formula, and he moved swiftly to create scores of brand new magi without either their permission or their knowledge. When these people discovered their talents, he would swoop in and offer his services as mentor, and his powers as protection against prejudice and hate to ensure his subjects survived.

It was the final straw in the quarrel that had already diminished the bond between him and his siblings. Rachut in particular had no understanding of his brother’s inability to coexist peacefully, and the lengths he went to to create acceptance. The warrior disapproved of his brother polluting the nature of the world, but until he could persuade his other siblings to take a stand against him, he was powerless and Vidu’s power and influence continued to grow, and magic spread. Elthia was unwilling to enter into conflict, Usember was apathetic and Zelene supported Vidu.

Vidu showed no signs of tiring of his game. He was laying the foundations of a dynasty, aided by Zelene. The beautiful youngest Havidian had a way of inspiring intense infatuation and, like Vidu, was jealous of heart. She delighted in twisting people’s hearts and minds to the point of no return and once she joined forces with Vidu, city after city fell into Vidu's command and he swept across the nation like a sickness.

When so much harm was being done by his brother, Usember allied with Rachut and instead of accepting Vidu’s invitation to join him, war erupted between the siblings. Vidu proved too strong and after many failed attempts at battle, Rachut searched desperately for a way to defeat his brother. Reluctantly, he and Usember agreed that the only way to defeat him, was to create an army that could surpass Vidu’s in magic and strength.

Out of options, Usember stole the spell Vidu had used to bring magic to the people and he and Rachut used Vidu’s own tactics against him. Magic was, by now, quite common and even though it seemed to be the source of the nation’s problems, thousands volunteered for Rachut’s cause. A host of shapeshifters and talented warriors was born overnight, and the war unleashed to its climax, claiming thousands of lives but still, no end was in sight.

In the end, it was Elthia who sealed the pact of peace by finally stepping into the fray. Mortified by what her siblings had inflicted upon the world, she who still held the trust of all parties, betrayed them all. Although she could not undo her siblings’ decades of damage, she could undo the perpetrators themselves.

But whatever her family had done, she could not bring herself to kill them. So she tricked them, and trapped each in a different way. She trapped Vidu, incorporeal, dormant, and just out of reach of his power so that he could never free himself. Zelene was ensnared in the ocean, incapable of ever breaching the surface, giving birth to the legend of the sirens. Rachut passed on in time, and Usember fled from his sister, disappearing in disguise, and so escaped Elthia’s intentions.

As for Elthia herself, she stayed long enough on Aurelis to bring the Elthian together in her image, as healers of the land, and when she was satisfied that she was no longer needed, she retreated to a place where she could not be found and left the kingdom as she felt it should be: left well enough alone to rebuild itself, untainted by any of the Havidian.

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