The Market Decree

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The Market Decree

Post by The Historian on Wed Dec 13, 2017 6:12 pm

1. Magic

  • The use of any form of magic is prohibited within the market square in the interest of preventing theft and enabling fair trading, including the following:
     1) varisien are not permitted to transition within the market square.
     2) exceptions are made for:
        * merchants offering goods with magical properties, they may use magic for demonstration and commercial purposes only.
        * Cyrani Protectors

2. Payment

  • The merchant decides the manner of payment. If you cannot pay in the manner of his/her fancy then you cannot purchase the product, even if your alternative is of equal value to the desired currency.
  • In the case of bidding, the product does not necessarily go to the highest bid; again, it is a merchants choice.

3. License and absence

  • All merchants selling wares at a market must be in possession of a license. Inability to present said license will earn you a temporary ban from the Gull Market.
  • Everyone without a permit has the chance to trade goods between 0400 and 0500 hours each dawn (Non-Permit hour). Trading is overseen by the Guild.
  • Non-occupied market stalls may be legally demolished after nine days and the goods are confiscated by the Council, to be auctioned off at the NP-hour.
  • Licenses may not be traded.

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