The Cyrani

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The Cyrani

Post by The Historian on Tue Dec 05, 2017 9:19 pm

Goaded by Usember, the cyrani were created by Rachut during the War of Brothers in response to the creation of the feorion by Vidu. A town's worth of people come to swear their allegiance to the warrior brother were blessed with the gifts of strength, speed and agility in the hope that they may defeat the Havid mage.

When the war came to an end, the peoples of Aurelis recognised the need to train these cyrani not only to hone their skills, but to discipline them and prevent them from using their gifts maliciously and their current status of protectors of the realm grew from there.

The cyrani have no outstanding physical characteristics such as skin colour or eye colour. Most are muscular and strong due to the training they receive, and it has become a tradition to make themselves appear fierce by dying their hair in an outstanding colour, and tattooing their skin.

Common traits
The cyrani are a mix of hot-headed and level-headed. They are fast, strong and have an excellent endurance. In contrast to the varisien, feorion and elthian they cannot harness magical energy and rely on amulets and other artificial help to counter magical attacks.

Social structure
Children of cyrani must pass a test of strength when they come of age to identify if they qualify as cyrani. By then, they have received a basic warrior training but the real stuff is only passed on to the ones that pass the test. Those who don't qualify are transferred to human education systems, and those who do receive mandatory warrior training. After their release from the programme, they may choose the course of the rest of their lives. Their sense of community is somewhere between the elthian, who rely on family bonds for their magic and the varisien, who don't value community at all.

Everyday life
This differs, but as most cyrani choose to put their training into use and join the squad, they live in their squad and the family only meets up once every so often. The cyrani that have completed the training programme can all be called upon to fight for their race, but aren't obligated to become soldiers.

The cyrani use a broad range of weapons and are as knowledgeable in the weapon lore as the Elthian in healing. They are encouraged to try out a score of different weapons and some are even mandatory to learn to fight with. Each cyrani warrior personally discovers the weapon they feel the most comfortable with, but they don't have to fght with that weapon if they don't want to. Shields come in different shapes and sizes, but are a cyrani's most values item besides the weapon of choice. They are often laced with feorion spells, and last a lifetime. When a cyrani has found his very own killer combination, they are extremely difficult to defeat.

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