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Class classification

Post by The Historian on Mon Dec 25, 2017 12:04 pm

Class classification in Aurelis is not necessarily based on genetics. A child born to two cyrani parents has a greater chance of himself inheriting cyrani talents, but magic is unpredicatble and it is entirely possible for him to be born with other talents, or without any magic at all.

The process
Part of a child's fifth birthday is the classification ceremony, where the child is tested for possession of magic. If this is the case, the test continues to determine whether they fall under one of the big four - elthian, varisien, cyrani or feorion.

Of course, though it can be determined with certainty whether or not the child has the ability to access the energy they are born with to perform their talents, at that age, the Exam is inconclusive. The second ceremony takes place at the age of sixteen, by which time the talents have developed enough to definitively establish class. Some that passed the first exam turn out not to meet the Sixteen requirements of the classification control. The reason varies; for example, say that a child showing the talents of a varisien at five. The powers fully develop through time and schooling, and at the Sixteen, the child fails the exam because he is not able to perform proper transitions. He is either classified as an under, or, if he has instead developed powers of the ferorion kind, can apply to take the exam to make the switch later on.

Primary education of magical beings is angled towards pushing each child to passthe Sixteen. (For more, see Education.)

After classification
After establishing classification, barring the cyrani, people are free to make their own choices and pursue their own interest and ambitions. There has been more than enough debate on whether or not to classify at all, since the unders are a numerous, incredibly diverse category and is no less useful than  those that achieve full class status, and it often puts the unders at a disadvantage. The Aurelian court, however, insists on classification for a better understanding of the kingdom's inhabitants.

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