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Evana Morgan

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General Characteristics
Name: Evana Morgan
Meaning of the name: "Morgan" means "to live by the sea"
Nicknames: Evie
Gender female
Nationality/Species: Veran
Age: twenty-two
Hometown: Taugeye
Orientation: straight
Significant Other: none
Known Languages: common tongue
Occupation: Thievery and Healing
Physical Characteristics
Evana is of average height and has pale but weatherworn skin from living out on the streets. She has cascading dark brown hair that is originally straight but looks a little wavy because of the tangles. She has deep blue eyes and a heart-shaped face. She has no tattoos, piercings or scars.

Evana carries only a couple of possessions with her - her ragged red and blue tartan blanket that her mother gave her, a knife and a battered brown leather bag with various collected herbs and remedies. She prefers wearing dresses because she finds them easier to move in, but when it's cold she'll slip supple trousers under them and furlined long boots to keep out the cold.

Evana is very much a try-to-stay-in-the-background type of person, formed that way because of her father's infamy. She doesn't dislike being in crowds or loud noises, she just prefers solitude and she likes being alone with no one watching her. She's never really thought about wanting to be someone else and she doesn't typically compare her life with other people's. Her main virtues are her alertness and her patience, while her main two vices are pride and occasionally greed.
 She's happy with her own appearance and she likes her independance and her ability to entertain herself without needing another person every five minutes.
 She's not someone who achieves better results under pressure. Although hardened to life out on the streets, Evana is not necessarily emotionally stable. She hates that she cries when she's angry; she'd much rather be able to shout coherently or keep a cool head and not let her emotions get to her, but she's just not made that way. She also dislikes being deeply superstitious and has tried to ignore that nagging feeling, but can't seem to shake it off.
  Despite being awful at both, she enjoys painting and music. She has a talent for healing and tending the sick but it's not something she enjoys very much. Although cooking isn't really something she's able to enjoy doing out on the street, she still manages to turn the smallest scraps into a tolerable meal with her instinct for herbs and spices. She's okay with animals. She's not a gifted thief or fighter, but she learned both trades eventually out of necessity. She dislikes bright colours.
  Evana's decisions are mostly empathetic, not logical and she's a visual learner. She's moderately clever, but not great at logic and certainly no puzzle-princess. She's a very good judge of character and she can tell on instinct how to act around a certain person so as not to tick them off. Her sense of humour lets her appreciate anecdotal and dry humour and she finds highbrow humour irksome.
 Evana is a neutralist when it comes to defining good and bad. Her empathy and character judgement ensures that she understands where both parties are coming from, but she doesn't really care what people around her do so long as it doesn't affect her. She's a 'I'll worry about jumping into action and refilling the glass when its way over half-empty" type of person.
 As strays go, she is one of the ones that has a mixed reputation; exceedingly bad because of who her father was and what happened to her family but also admiring thanks to word spreading of her healing abilities.

Supernatural Characteristics
Ability: Healing
Strengths: Mending physical injuries such as broken bones or ripped veins.
Weaknesses: Countering injuries inflicted by magic

Interpersonal Connections

Growing up she lived with and had a close bond with her father Huxley, her mother Rhiannon and her uncle (mother's side) Jamie Romaine. Later, she wanted nothing more to do with her family and when her only living relative Jamie reached out to her, she fled and took up shelter in a group of people who mostly shared no family bonds, but had banded together to survive out there as a stray. Her best friend while she was there was Angharad Vera Flanagan.
 While people from a certain race flock together and tend to protect their own, this is very much not the case for strays. Run-ins with a couple of rich families made her despise them and she has a couple of enemies and rivals around Taugeye.

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