The Elthian

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The Elthian

Post by The Historian on Tue Dec 05, 2017 8:08 pm

The elthian are a people talented with the skill of healing. Although the race is named after Elthia, the compassionate youngest of the  Havidian founders, the elthian go further back than the rise of the Havidian and the War of Brothers, but back then they were scattered. Those with magical powers were despised and feared, but the necessity of healing was always present, putting healers in a conflicting position. There was no structure and knowledge was either based on that single person's experience, or, occasionally, on knowledge passed down two or three generations.  They kept a low profile amongst their human companions, until Elthia.

Elthia Havid took it upon herself to bring those with talents similar to her own together, and healers began to share their knowledge. Groups started to form and through their combined accomplishments and growing prowess, these healers found that there was no longer any need to hide themselves away. Gradually, clusters of likeminded people became established divisions, and in time these divisions became microcosms of their own. The people, in reverence for Elthia, named themselves after her.

That reverence remains for Elthia alone; her legacy, not so much. Nowadays, the elthian divisions of old are rare and true elthians near extinct. When Laurence Hacefeld came into power, his personal strife with the healers sent their name plummeting down and the divisions dispersed. Half the strays in Aurelis are elthian and their people have come full circle; once again, mistrusted and despised.

Intricate white patterns are often painted along the temples and spiral down over the cheeks and down to the throat. To put them in place, sticky substance was daubed across the designated spots, and a mould called a print was latched into place, upon which coloured powders were daubed and once the print was removed, the pattern stayed in place for a day or so. Historically, the patterns bore meaning to both rank and chosen profession. Today, though, these original meanings are but vaguely known and although the tradition of the patterning remains, the symbolism has been lost.

Common traits
Although the need for compassion seems an obligatory trait in a healer, the elthian are not all necessarily compassionate. Personality has little to do with the talents they inherited, but family and community is of substantial importance because firstly, elthian power derives mostly from sanguine and paramour bonds, and secondly, the sharing of knowledge was the key to their trade. Thirdly, splitting their energy over more patients depletes their strength quicker, therefore they work best as a large team, and one that is closely bonded, which leads back to the importance of family and community.

All elthian are immune to sirensong, and only they can truly master cloaking: hiding anything, from an object to a community, from sight so that only those that know the whereabouts can find it.

Social structure
The elthian receive basic schooling from a young age. They move up when they are old enough to handle the weight of the energy, and their specific talents have begun to develop.

Their tight-knit communities, called divisions, vary in size and usually contain botanic symbolism. Each division has their own centre of healing, usually named for their own division plus the word 'Cleanse' (e.g. Hawthorne Cleanse). Divisions in the same province hold a monthly assembly to share news and techniques, for which representatives are chosen by the doyen.

The doyen is the leader of the division and stands directly above his/her Aide. Divisions generally have three Aides; one heading the physical injuries, one leading the mental healing centre and a third to handle correspondence and relations with the outside community. Beyond that, it is impossible to pinpoint an exact structure, since each division varies and has a personalised system of hierarchy and order.

Everyday life
Life of an elthian consists of working for their division's Cleanse and different divisions have different approaches. One division, for example, may work with healers appointed to patients, seeing to their every needs, while another may rotate schedules and have a team assigned to a ward. Whatever the schedule, elthian children are generally encouraged to get used to an irregular lifestyle; night and day does not seem to apply to the elthian.

The nomadic tents known as kiris are native to the elthian, and the Cleanse is often right in the middle of a circle of personal kiris, and is protected and sealed with substantially more magic than the personal ones.

As mentioned, the elthian draw much of their power from sanguine bonds or paramour bonds, and their techniques of attack mess with the attacker's body. Cutting off arteries, constricting windpipes and dropping body temperatures are just a few of the tricks they like using. Although they can heal their own bodies, it takes a lot of effort and energy and they rely more on defence than offence, rendering them weak in a fight.

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