The Feorion

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The Feorion

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Those with magic have existed long before they were a recognised, accepted class of people, but it wasn’t until Vidu Havid helped speed up the process that they became the dominating race. Having given up scouring the kingdoms for people like himself, the lonely Havidian found a way to bestow gifts upon humans without their knowing. Through reaching out to lend a hand when they became aware, and teaching what he knew, he sneakily created the feorion race. The name ‘feorion’ came into use long after Vidu had been defeated.

Since his defeat, the feorion have more or less consistently formed the dominant, ruling class of Aurelis.


The feorion are the most diverse of the four dominating races, with unique talents qualifying people as feorion without being defined by a litany of skill requirements. In the old days, the possession and use of magic was taboo and today’s mountains of knowledge and research was non-existent. Shapeshifters, sirens, healers, feorion, they were all simply referred to as ‘magi’.
Today, attribution of the feorion class focuses more on the existence of the magical energy in a person, and their ability to access it. Magic is a diverse skill and the and besides, people can possess a combination of talents, or just a fraction of one, decided by the amount and strength of magical energy they are born with. The following list only breaches the surface of the possible range of talents, but provides an overview of the most common categories and subcategories:

Elesis: control of the natural elements

  • control of one or more of the four elements
        o earth
        o fire
        o water
        o light
  • control of weather (i.e. wind / storms / mist / lightning / rain / clouds)
  • ability to see in the dark and light / only dark / only light
  • ability to breathe in other elements than air (usually water)
  • ability to travel through one or more materials

Object manipulation
- ability to move objects
o levitation
o telekinesis
- ability to bring inanimate objects to life
- contortion, changing the form or shape of an object
- conversion, changing an object into something else
o merging
- ability to manipulate sound
- ability to project true images / memories / feelings
o of self
o of others
- ability to locate people and objects
- ability to memorise rapidly and forever
- telepathy
o thoughts
o emotions
- truthseers

Mental manipulation
- ability to create illusions in the form of images / memories / holograms
- ability to influence feelings of the self or others
- ability to possess other people

Power manipulation
- ability to change someone’s power to something else
o a single element of the own talent
o the opposite powers
- ability to mirror someone’s powers
- necromancy

- reflexes
- senses
- speed
- strength
- vision


Pure self
- immortality
- invisibility

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