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The Legend
In the Aurelis of old, the ones with the real wealth were nomads who forged their money through the clever use of magical talents. These people hid their own powers well and pretended to despise magic, making it taboo and scaring the population into fearing and loathing it.

So magic became suppressed and feared, and the peoples relied primarily on the nomads for income whenever they were in town to spend lavishly on the products people had to offer. Gradually, these nomads settled, and every fortnight attended the markets. These fortnights were what the common folk looked out for, and their timekeeping is based on that.

There are fourteen days in the countdown, and twenty-six biweeks in a year. Six of those attributed to a season. An example of timekeeping: Second Autumn - Day 12/14 - Y236. Meaning: the second biweek of autumn, day twelve of the fourteen, year 236 since the official settling of the nomads.

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